K guys, im super excited for my big announcement!  If you follow me on Facebook, you will already know that Sweet Pickins will soon have its own line of Milk Paint!  Oh ya baby!


I’m bananas about milk paint and the look that it gives, its like no other paint out there.   Sweet Pickins and milk paint are the perfect matches and i couldn’t be more excited!   Milk paint produces that authentically worn/chippy/aged look that i love so much that you just cant get with any other paint.  My line will be manufactured by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. – they, and their products are seriously awesome and i couldn’t be more happy to have my own little part of it.

A lot of things are still in the works as far as getting all the branding done, lots of graphic designing, new parts of my website, getting pics of everything, getting the online store up, etc.  Its all a ton of work to add on top of my already busy schedule but it will all be worth it :)

I don’t know exactly when it will all be done – im really hoping to have everything going within a month.  I was going to hold off on announcing until everything was up and going – but i cant keep secrets :)  I’m just too excited!


Lets talk milk paint shall we?  I already have a post mostly done that goes over milk paint basics – Milk Paint 101 is the official title :)

But, i want to include what you want to know about milk paint.  So ask away, just leave your question in the comments or on Facebook and i will be back tomorrow with the 411!


And, just so you can get an idea of the beauty of milk paint, here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure!!  All of these are painted with milk paint by muah!

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Line

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  1. Elissa
    Elissa says:

    It was only a matter of time before you struck it even bigger! Congrats that is so amazing and exciting!!

  2. Holly
    Holly says:

    Hi Sausha, Congratulations your work is awesome! Do you have to apply milk paint with a special brush and can you glaze directly over it or do you need to wax it and then stain it it like ASCP? Do you sand milk paint with a wet rag? Lastly, will you consoder having any short videos of the milk paint process? Thanks!!

  3. Jamie K
    Jamie K says:

    Congratulations!! Very exciting!! I can’t wait to see your colors and furniture painting! I love seeing your work…Thank you for the awesome inspiration!! God Bless!

  4. Paula
    Paula says:

    congratulations your level of diy is inspiring. I am confused as to the difference between milk & chalk paints? Would you prefer one for specific jobs & would you use the same glaze/topcoat on either? I love the look of both but don’t get the pro’s & con’s.?

  5. Eva
    Eva says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to try it! What is the difference between this and the Annie Sloan Chalk paint? Is the process different?

  6. Kelley
    Kelley says:

    Hi Sausha! Congratulations on your new adventure:) My sister in law recently painted a vanity in milk paint and absolutely hated it. She even went so far as to throw the remaining unused paint and glaze in the garbage (much to my dismay). So my questions are – do you have to paint a base coat before you paint your color of choice? Will the glaze always make the final product darker? Do you have to do any sanding first, for example if my piece has a “shiny” surface – should I sand that down before I apply a base coat if one is needed? Does the glaze protect against water if I were to want to use this for my bathroom vanity? Wow! Sorry, I guess I have more questions than I thought! Thanks for the opportunity to have some of these questions answered. I love the look and just want to be sure I don’t end up feeling frustrated like my sister-in-law did from lack of know-how.

  7. Jody
    Jody says:

    I really think I need to take a vacation your way. You have a natural talent I know I couldn’t duplicate but would love to be your student!!!

  8. judith hall
    judith hall says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see your milk paint. I have been using milk paint for years and love the look it gives. Years ago, my grandmother had a recipe for making her own, it looked beautiful on every piece she did. I remember 4 mismatched chairs at her kitchen table she has stripped and washed with a delicious mint green milk paint. The chairs were all made of different woods, so each took the color differently. When I used milk paint on my son’s “hand-me-down” crib some thirty years ago, I bought it powdered, had the hardware store give me some tint, took it home and mixed it myself. How times have changed! Again, congratulations!

  9. Vicki Townsend
    Vicki Townsend says:

    Hi Sausha, congratulations! Very exciting! I had some questions but they’ve all been asked in earlier replys. Can’t wait for your response! Love your work!!

  10. Keni Farnwalt
    Keni Farnwalt says:

    I have been using milk paint for a few weeks & I love it. The Old Fashion paint is great. I used it now on stained pieces & painted. I haven’t had any problems but I noticed I don’t get any of the chipping or crackling you mention. I have not had to prime or sand. Can’t wait for yours. Congrats!

  11. holly austin
    holly austin says:

    Congratulations to you!!! How exciting :) I absolutely love your pieces and hope that a local store will carry your milk paint so I can purchase it! I do have a few questions, having never used milk paint before (some of these may be in the comments above but I haven’t read through them): 1) Do you have to sand or prime before using 2) Can you use on stained or painted surfaces 3) Does it come in powder form or pre-mixed 4) Does it randomly chip away or do you have to “help” it by sanding/distressing

  12. katie
    katie says:

    i have been following your blog for a long time . I love milk paint I just got into using it and love it . I cant wait to see your colors . I love your blog I love the gun case turn shelf I want one so bad .cant wait to buy some of your milk paint .

  13. Kim
    Kim says:

    I’m super-excited for you! I can’t wait to see the line of colors. I do have questions – how will yours be different from Miss Mustard Seeds? I have to admit I’ve had a lot of problems with hers. Mostly just very messy and extremely hard to get the right consistency. I’ve ended up wasting a ton of it and then just gave up completely. I’m looking forward to giving yours a try!
    Lotsa luck!

  14. Jacque' Godley
    Jacque' Godley says:

    Yay!!!!! I am so excited to see the colors! It will be great to try it out.
    Very excited,
    Distressed Out Girl

  15. Ruthann
    Ruthann says:

    Hi Sausha, Congratulations! Let us know how we can get some of your milk paint. Can’t wait to try it out. All the best.

  16. Debra
    Debra says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Most of your viewers have asked the questions that I would have to I cant wait to hear your answers. The only one I will ask is if you do not want the chippy look what would you do so that you do not get it. Like if you have a color that I love but do not want to distress a lot what would I do?
    Thank you
    Best regards

  17. CainPrice
    CainPrice says:

    It’s really awesome idea to paint old furniture to give new look. You have done really hard work to paint them. I have old chairs. And want to painted them with milk paint. Please share more information about milk paint.


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