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(Water-borne Acrylic)

Our CLEAR COAT is a water-borne acrylic. When applied over Milk Paint it protects the paint finish against water-spotting, dirt and abrasion. It also increases scrubbability. It is preferred by custom furniture builders, interior designers, craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic and has no odor when dry.


CLEAR COAT is used as a finish top-coat over Milk Paint. It can also be used as a natural finish for wood applied directly to surfaces such as bare wood, plywood, and other surfaces. Can be used for furniture, woodwork, etc. Safe to use on children's toys. Clear Coat (or similar acrylic sealers) will not protect against certain kitchen oils such as grease splatters and olive oil spills, therefore an oil-based sealer is recommended for such surfaces as kitchen cabinets. For floors and other surfaces expected to receive heavy wear we recommend the use of a more durable top-coat specifically designed for that purpose.


Can be used for interior applications Long shelf life
Environmentally safe and non-toxic Adheres to most clean surfaces
Fast drying Non-flammable
Dries clear; (does not change the color) Dries to a hard durable surface
Soap and Water clean-up Low odor; No odor when dry
Seals completely; water beads up on surface  


Color: White; dries clear/satin VOC'S: Maximum = 1.23 Lbs./Gal, 147.32 Grams/Liter
Consistency: Viscosity of heavy cream Clean Up: Soap and Water
Temperature: Best brushing consistency at 70 F to 85 F with low humidity Drying Time: Approximately one hour
Combustibility: Non-combustible Freeze/Thaw Stability: None
Shelf Life: 1 to 2 years at room temperature Important: Do not allow to freeze


Please Note: Two rules should always be followed when applying CLEAR COAT or any finish for that matter:

1} Make sure the surface is perfectly clean.
2} Always test CLEAR COAT and Milk Paint on a scrap piece of the same or similar material as the surface to be finished.
1} After Milk Paint is thoroughly dry (or after burnishing if desired) apply a thin coat of CLEAR COAT. On bare or other freshly painted surfaces make sure the surface is perfectly clean and dry.
2} Apply with brush, roller or spray. Flow on a thin coat as with conventional varnish or shellac. Wait two hours between coats. A second coat is advisable for additional protection.
3} Satin finish can be further dulled by lightly burnishing each coat with fine steel wool or Scotch-brite pad.
4} Do not apply in humid conditions. CLEAR COAT, like any lacquer or any other water-borne acrylic, may become white or cloudy if used under humid conditions or if applied too thickly.

Thin coats are always more adviseable.

5} Store leftover CLEAR COAT at room temperature with a tight fitting lid.

Important: Do not allow to freeze.


one quart liquid measure covers approximately 75 sq. ft
one gallon liquid measure covers approximately 300 sq ft
Material Safety Data Sheets for this product are also available.